Privacy policy

The entity which places information files (“cookies”) in the end user’s device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone) at the same time gaining access to them is ABC-MEDI Spółka z o.o., 13/50 Leszka Czarnego-Street, 97-500 Radomsko, is a data controller

Collected and used data concerning the users are limited to the necessary minimum, and they allow us to provide services at the appropriate level.
This Privacy Policy applies to the cookies we use on the website (“Website”).

What cookies we use

On our Website we use cookies which contain information that allows us to tailor the Website’s content to your needs, improve the performance of our Website and analyse traffic on our Website.

In particular, we use cookies on our Website to:

  • collect anonymous statistics so that we can better understand user expectations and develop the Website to make it even more user-friendly,
  • ensure proper functioning of selected functions of the Website,
  • optimize the Website (i.e. adjust its appearance to the most popular devices),
  • present advertisement,
  • ensure even server load,
  • support user sessions,
  • prevent multiple presentations of a message informing about the use of cookies by the Website to the same user.

What are cookies

Cookies are IT data, including text files, that the browser can send to the server each time you visit our Website and that are stored on your end device.

Cookies contain data such as the name of the website they come from, the time they were stored on your end device and a unique number that was generated to identify the browser you use to connect to the website. Cookies often store information that is necessary for a website to function properly. Cookies can also store a unique number that identifies the user’s end device, on the basis of which it is not possible to determine the identity of the user.

You can find out more details about cookies by visiting the following websites:; or in the menu of your browser under “Help”.

What cookies we use

We use the following cookies on our Website:

  • “permanent cookies” – remain on the user’s device for as long as their lifespan is set or until they are manually deleted. They make it possible, among other things, to determine which users are new and which are returning to the website.
  • “session cookies” – temporary files stored in the browser. They remain on your device until you leave the website. Among other things, they make it possible to determine whether data should be collected for the current visit or a new visit should be tracked.

Types of cookies used on our Website:

Analytical/statistical – cookies from the analytical tools Google Analytics and Matomo, placed on the end user’s device. Cookies provide Google Analytics and Matomo with the following information about the user:

  • from which sources they visited our Website (e.g. other website, search engine),
  • which pages they visited,
  • which services they used,
  • what resolution they used,
  • what type of device they used (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • whether they encountered any problems while using the Website.

Google Analytics is only used on information websites to which you have access prior to logging into your account. This tool is disabled when the user logs in to their account.

Cookies are not linked to other information about the user, in particular personal data. Your IP address is anonymised, i.e. shortened as early as possible.

What can you do to change your cookie settings?

If you do not agree to our use of cookies or wish to limit the scope of our use of cookies, you can choose not to use our Website or you can change the settings of your browser.

You can change the settings of your browser regarding cookies at any time, in particular blocking the automatic support for cookies (in whole or in part). It is also possible to block Google Analytics through an optional browser add-on available at:, which, when installed and activated, disables Google Analytics measurements on all websites viewed by the user. More information on the possibilities and support for cookies is available in the settings of your browser.

You must bear in mind that restricting or excluding the cookies we use may affect some of the functions of our Website.

You can find out more details about how to change cookie settings in your browser’s menu under “Help”. You can get more detailed information by visiting the following pages:

Data security

We take data security very seriously. Therefore, we make every effort to protect our Website from unauthorized access by third parties and we control the methods of collecting, storing and processing information. We use firewalls, server security devices, encryption devices and physical security measures, among others. We only grant access to data to those employees and entities that need it for processing solely for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy.